A Different Kind of Swimmer


A curious Hawaiian green sea turtle.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Milisen.

‘…what little things we do might just make a difference.” These are the words of Executive Director, Jeff George, of Sea Turtle, Inc., in describing why it is marine biologists, including himself, do what they do for the endangered sea turtle. The mission of Sea Turtle, Inc. a non-profit organization,  is ‘to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured sea turtles, educate the public, and assist with conservation efforts for all marine turtle species.’ 


Helping hands.

Our paths crossed with the help of Ed Penfield of Aqua Island Technologies – a long-time FILBUR customer and supporter of Sea Turtle, Inc. Ed had just returned from a trip to the rescue facility in South Padre Island, TX where he and his wife volunteered and mentioned that their small rehabilitation tanks use pleated pool filter cartridges. A few emails later and new cartridges were on their way!

New FILBUR cartridges for the rehabilitation tanks.

Vet tech at Sea Turtle, Inc. installing new FILBUR cartridges for the rehabilitation tanks.


Sea Turtle, Inc. has grown exponentially over the years and is in dire need of a new educational facility.  With the soul source of income coming from public donations a ‘Help Us Grow’ Campaign is currently underway. For more information click here.

Thanks Ed…and thanks Sea Turtle, Inc. for all the ‘small things’ you do that make a huge difference in our world. With all of our help these beautiful creatures can continue to swim and adorn our oceans around the planet.


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