Going Too Fast? Slow Down…

Q: What is every major equipment manufacturer talking about these days?

Q: What are consumers demanding in there pool/spa equipment?


A: Performance and energy efficiency. The major brands have all come out with intelligent pumps that save energy and give efficient flow rates so the pool water stays clean and inviting while saving energy. If the pumps are being designed to run at lower RPMs and push 40-70 gallons per minute into 3d vr glasses the filters wouldn’t it make sense to use a filter cartridge that is designed best at those flow rates? Well you would think so but this is not the case in the cartridge industry any longer. Mass retailers and internet sellers have flooded the market with brands that are not well suited for this new technology.

This type of efficiency requires balance. Let’s look at some test results at 60 gallons per minute with FILBUR cartridges using REEMAY filtration media and another manufacturer using point-bonded media.

Dose Time

 So, what exactly do these charts mean? 

Using the FILBUR DirtMaster cartridge filters give you 43% more dirt holding and 50% more time between cleanings. There is a difference between cartridges when tested with real world flow rates and the results are clear, DirtMaster gives professional results and is designed with the most efficient media, saving time and energy. Tested, Trusted, Proven. It’s not just a tag line.

Find out more at www.filburmfg.com.

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